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King Hamad’s School’s of Future

Ahmed Al Koofi

Year of posting: 2008


It is a project implemented in the Kingdom of Bahrain in the Ministry of Education (MOE). Its main purpose is to use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education in order to shift learning from traditional learning environment to a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which will enhance students’ global collaborative learning. The project appears to be very important for developing the education system in Bahrain to harmonize it with the future market and the society increased needs for technology.

Information technology implemented in Bahrain in 1985 as an elective computer subject in secondary schools then it became a compulsory one in all stages. In 2001 the MOE decided to put a clear vision and a strategic plan to implement ICT in all stages, from a computer subject to a VLE. Therefore, the MOE sought the cooperation of UNESCO to establish an international seminar in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) and assured that ICT was one of the main topics of the agenda. Therefore, UNESCO sent two ICT experts from Finland, to collect data. They produced a comprehensive report "ICT in Education and Learning".

That report was rich with successful experiences which was considered as the outline for implementing ICT in education in Bahrain. They fostered the report as a fundamental document to implement ICT in education in Bahrain. The strategy for carrying out the project was very clear and direct. It was based on the seminar which was held in Bahrain in April 2002 and the report the UNESCO presented. In applying this project the MOE followed the progressive experimental application (pilot testing) to begin with a number of secondary schools, and then followed it by evaluating the strategy they used in order to generalise it on the rest of schools.


ICT initiative

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