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The MirandaNet Fellowship

The MirandaNet Organisation - one of several images illustrating our wide range of activities and locations. Some of the many benefits of being a member of MirandaNet:

The MirandaNet Fellowship, established in 1992, is an international professional organisation of policy makers, educators, developers and researchers who collaborate in exchanging ideas and support as well as publishing research studies, case studies and reports aimed at improving the use of innovative digital technologies in classrooms and in professional learning communities.

Some the evidence for innovation is published by members who become involved the iCatalyst programme, a practice-based continuing professional development programme designed by the educators themselves to underpin change. In this programme the educators use digital technologies to solve existing challenges in classrooms and communities. They publish their articles, case studies and innovative multi-modal publications for colleagues in the MirandaNet e-journals. These MirandaNet case studies are a rich source of data for practitioners and for the researchers who collaborate with governments, government agencies, charities and large and small companies to understand more about the best ways of encouraging innovation in teaching and learning.

The MirandaNet Fellows also undertake research reports for companies, governments and charities.

Joining the MirandaNet Fellowship as a professional scholar

The MirandaNet Fellowship offers professionals engaged with digital technologies a means of informal networking and professional development as well as opportunities for consultancy. Membership is free to education professionals working in schools, colleges and universities. Fellowships are awarded to scholars who add to the MirandaNet knowledge base through web publication of a 2,000-word peer-reviewed case study and by presentations at conferences and seminars. Any professional is welcome to join as a member or a scholar if she or he is committed to the use of advanced technologies in the transformation of teaching and learning.

Membership brings a number of benefits to members: members' profiles are published on the site, they receive MirandaNews, our newsletter, and they can participate in debates on MirandaLink and in our Forums. For more information about the different categories of membership,investigate the How to Join section.

Joining the MirandaNet Fellowship as an associate consultant

The MirandaNet Fellowship, a non profit-making professional organisation, engages in a variety of research and continuing development projects. Professional members and company associates join in bidding to a range of different funding organisations with a particular focus on innovation and change in teaching and learning. Professional educators and company representative are invited to apply for associateship status in order to be part of this process. Individuals, companies and other organisations are welcome to explore this associateship process. For more details about the associateship proposition email Christina Preston (), for a list of services and subscription levels.

MirandaNet News

Farewell to the old, greetings to the new!

This MirandaNet web site is now in archive, using the URL A brand new site is available from our original URL, but you will be able to browse this archive version (which itself contains archive material!) for the foreseeable future.

And it is not an entirely 'dead' archive! Most of the links which display old Members' details have been de-activated, along with the joining and logging in routines. The case studies and articles are still live, but can only be edited by the Admin. If any member wishes to withdraw their permission for any published item on the site, please contact the editor using the link below.

The main focus of MirandaNet now is the new site, where news and diary items will be published.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me in my editorship of this wonderful organisation over the past 15 years. It is time to hand over to younger blood.

Francis Howlett
Former MirandaNet Editor
10th May 2015

MirandaNet Diary

June 2024

No current diary items for June 2024.